Wednesday, April 14, 2010

19th monthsary

Bern and I decided to watch this movie instead of watching clash of the titans last april 7, that was our monthsary, our 19th monthsary. Happy Monthsary!
This is Toothless! I know that you know him too! he's cute and funny! you will love him very much, besides he's look like stitch in LILO and STITCH, isn't it? This movie is cool. You will never regret watching this movie. Especially, toothless! he's amazing! funny little dragon! Kung pwede lang sana na magkaroon ng ganyang pet, bakit hindi db? Ang sarap siguro na may alaga kang ganyan kakulit na pet! And you know what, when we got home, i try downloading the movie and ooppps! jaraaannnn! I've got a copy! Ang saya! Pinanuod ulit namin! Adik! hehehe!

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  1. eh adik ka talaga! pati site ko ginaya mo. blog name ko yan. at asarin ba ang blog tagline ko? pasaway!